Current Madness

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Off to A.W.A. This Weekend!

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New Commission System

We\\\\\\\'ve made commission request a lot easier! Our new form system allows you to simply fill in the blanks and ensure you get EXACTLY what you want. Read on»

Field Trip!

We got to hang with Marc of PBC! Tron bike anyone? Read on»

Tron bike close up

PBC! Parker Brother’s Concepts not Peanut Butter Cups!

Who’s up for a field trip?

We had the opportunity to head over to Melbourne to Check out the Parker Brothers Concepts shop, featured of Sy-Fy’s Dream Machines! We had a great time, took a full tour, and got to sit in John Cena & 50 Cent’s cars!

Post Apocalyptic Pin- Up Raffle Winner!

First off, thank you so much to all who joined in the raffle for the piece, your support and encouragement allow us to do things like this. Because of the overwhelming support from all of you, we are trying to implement another raffle for next year with 3 levels of prizes (3 pieces of original work, in varying sizes!).

Get your “Who? Pony/ Brony” on!

You all love it, you all asked for it, HERE IT IS!!! Now you can get your own Dr. Whooves shirt with featured art by none other than… US!


Hit up Aardvark Tees for your own!

dr whooves shirt(Or just click on the pic)


Happy 30th!

Wishing a very happy 30th to Genki (Miriam) of GenkiGoth Studios, feast on wonderful pics and gift art from our dear friend Chandra Free… and if you have not explored the wonder that is her book “The God Machine” …. I will be coming for you.

(Video to come soon)

Dee Jay

Dee Jay Looking Dull

MARCHing through Commissions

HEY ALL! First we would like to thank you all for your support @ Megacon! You guys made this years our most successful con to date. We got to meet a bunch of new fans and see a lot of old friends. We as a studio really appreciate the love and faithfulness you guys show us. So down to the nitty gritty, we don’t have any cons this month… which means COMMISSIONS. We know, we are way

Mongoose Coding

All finished with the animation work for Mongoose Coding. It came out great and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. It felt good to get back behind the 3-hole punch (figuratively) and working with such receptive and creative individuals with clear goals

Megacon 2012

We are preping for Megacon! Trying to find a balance between the massive influx of commissions, side projects (2 comics, a CD cover and an animation), and creating new prints and originals has been rough to say the least. Keep watch for a few sneak peeks at what we are working on an we hope to see you all there! (We will post the table location asap)


Dee Jay

Theft Abound

As regular contributors to DeviantArt, stories like these really get to us, so we feel the obligation to not just b**ch about it but help spread the word. Please check out the link below, scan her tumbler page and make sure you aren’t on the victims list and lets expose this looser for what he is.

Working away!

Hello All,

Watch for big changes on this page very soon! Thanks to all of you who came to see us at AFO this year and we are eternally grateful for your support. Until all is up and running here, please hit us up at: