Back from Bartow

Sometimes, the most rewarding part of a show is coming home from it.

…until you wake up to all the mess you have to clean up from it the day after. Seriously, If our car could talk it would be yelling at us for new shocks and a vacation. Let’s not even go into how the rest of the house looks when we’re con prepping. We are our own natural disasters in that space.

But, that chaos was totally worth it. SyFy Bartow was great! The crowd and cosplays were awesome and the vendor mates were so sweet. The highlight though was Mike & Lizz, an amazing couple that have been nothing but wonderful to us. Heck, they even invited us to their home to crash for the night (their doggos are just the best) and treated us to breakfast the next morning! Like, completely blindsided by their wonderfulness. We can’t thank these guys for all your help and hospitality!

Now, to return to the car to de-tetris the car and get ready for the next show.