Work day/ Job well done

Back into the dark for us, The next few days are all about prep for our split weekend, Miriam is up in Jacksonville doing Letterbrush for a private party and i will be a little south for SyFy Bartow! We try to do Bartow each year, the audience is very genuine and enthusiastic and it just a fun time (and we get to catch up with our friends Mike and Liz). So if you aren’t doing anything this Saturday the 17th, swing on out! All of our small canvases are only $30 this weekend so come save 10 bucks. In other news, part two of our client work has been completed! A few of you know that we have been doing branding work for two pharmacies up in NYC! well , number two has just finished its remodel and sent us pictures of the results. We are proud to share a few shots with you and hope you all dig it. Keep looking out for a fully updated portfolio of the project from beginning to end.

Dee Jay