Welcome (Back)

So, after going up, shutting down, corrupting, going up, back down, and partially up, we are back. This website has been a labor, but a necessity none the less. So, to all of our old friends and fans, and to our new followers, WELCOME! This space will be for updates, info and announcements. We are trying to keep our site clean and simple, as a place to share, a place to create and to communicate. We hope to be able to show our inspirations, trials, successes, and failures with all of you. Our splatter paintings have become a driving part of our portfolio and we can now share a larger portion of those, our originals, works in progress, and just us. Our goal is to update our blog about 3 times a week, in addition to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc. We really hope to be able to connect with you all on a much more personal level and we hope you find something to make your personal space a little more geeky, so many of you have invited our works into your homes and lives and we cannot express how much that means to us. Our store will be live in the coming weeks and in the interim, our commission form and gallery are up and ever changing. The pieces are just a selection of the 500+ creations we do, so if you are looking for something not pictured, or want something just for you, don’t hesitate to reach out, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Miriam & Dee Jay

GenkiGoth Studios